SZCZĘŚNIAK Pojazdy Specjalne is an active party in the business environment through membership in numerous associations promoting entrepreneurship, regional development and activities for defence and fire protection

Manufacturers’ association – non-governmental organization representing the interests of Polish entrepreneurs, associating about 4,100 companies from all over Poland.

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Polish Chamber of National Defense Manufacturers – association gathering 132 state-owned companies and private enterprises acting for national defence matters.

Association of Polish Exporters – is an organization associating over 300 Polish exporters from all industries and regions of our country.

Family Foundation Businesses- association gathering within its organization ranks – family businesses, protecting the common interest of business’ families and their surroundings.

Centre of Advanced Security and Defence Technologies- the research unit of Silesian University of Technology aimed to coordinate research, development and implementation works for defence industry.

Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bielsko – Biała – association including companies from Podbeskidzie region, acting for the purposes of local entrepreneurship and stimulation of its development.

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