Firma SZCZĘŚNIAK The company SZCZĘŚNIAK Pojazdy Specjalne Sp. z o.o. as one of the first companies within the fire-fighting branch in Poland, implemented Integrated Quality Management System which effectiveness is constantly developed according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 norms, AQAP 2110:2016 and Internal Control System requirements enabling to fulfil the orders for Polish Armed Forces or other NATO countries.

The scope of ISO certification covers: design, development, production, trade and service of motor vehicles as well as equipment and fittings intended for special purposes. The effectiveness of management systems is confirmed by independent Quality Certification Centre operating within Logistics’ Department of Jarosław Dąbrowski Technical Military Academy .

Firma The company SZCZĘŚNIAK Pojazdy Specjalne designs, tests, measures and manufactures every part and component with accuracy that some may consider extreme. This is the process that is carried out with passion and precision, using a built-in quality management system. From its beginning till the end. This is what decides on efficiency, reliability, safety and ergonomics. Every year, the company is commissioning several to several dozen of tests of its products to reputable laboratories such as :

⦁ Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT)
⦁ Military Institute of Armour & Automotive Technology (WITPiS)
⦁ Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection (CNBOP)

The Szczęśniak Pojazdy Specjalne company is proud to have numerous certificates. They confirm the quality of both, products and services provided by the company.

AQAP Certificate – certificate confirming the quality of suppliers of armed forces

ISO 9001 Certificate – international certificate confirming the compliance with standards found in quality management system

ISO 14001 Certificate- certificate confirming compliance with environmental management standards

WSK Certificate – the certificate confirms the company’s competence for legitimate movement of weapon.

Firma SZCZĘŚNIAK Pojazdy Specjalne Sp. z o. o. posiada koncesję na wykonywanie działalności gospodarczej w zakresie wytwarzania i obrotu wyrobami o przeznaczeniu wojskowym lub policyjnym, wydaną przez Ministra Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji.

The Quality of our vehicles is repeatedly checked on different stages of production. The next step is to test the cars in specially prepared for them, conditions. This allows to exclude any resulting defects and modernize the vehicles to make them even more reliable.

Szczęśniak Pojazdy specjalne