Year 2020

The company signed the contract to become a distributor of airport vehicles for the region of Poland

Year 2019

2019 was a year of numerous challenges which was visibly supported with putting the new production and office space into operation.
The 100th medium sized rescue-firefighting vehicle [1956] for State Fire Service Headquarters in Krakow is manufactured. The company delivers batch of Iveco Daily 65C17 4×2 command and communication vehicles for State Fire Service and manufactures riots’ special vehicles. Based on the Ordinance of Council of Ministers from 20th Sept 2019, the company has been entered into the register of enterprises of special significance for the economy and defense, as the only company within the branch. This is an expression of the company recognition, its achievements and huge responsibility. Only 35 entities out of 200, placed in the list – are private entities.

Year 2018

In 2018 the extension of the existing company by new production hall and office space, continues. Huge equipment deliveries for State Fire Services are carried out by the company, where so called “Leśnicy” (the Foresters) or medium and heavy technical rescue vehicles as well as extinguishing ones based on Scania chassis need to be emphasized.

Year 2017

In 2017, the domestic offer of the company consisting so far of medium sized rescue-firefighting vehicles Iveco EUROCARGO, in 2017 is expanded with Renault D-type vehicles offered till now by other company based in Bielsko. This is the first serial vehicle offered with aluminium superstructure. Till the end of the year , next 12 vehicles are being manufactured to give the hundredth one in 2019 [1956] for State Fire Service Headquarters in Krakow. The electrical Carry All 700 Club Car is provided to its users; Renault 500K 6×6 to the user from Iraq, and the Philippines on MAN TGM chassis and Armed Forces of Republic of Poland receive 20 Renault D12 vehicles of medium payload.

Year 2016

That year a decline of domestic tenders was noted. The company focuses on exports as a result communication and command vehicles go to the Philippines, Ethiopia gets the fire-engine whereas the mobile workshop vehicles go to Jordan. The Modlin aiport receives special vehicle for pyrotechnic services based on Iveco Daily and Armed Forces the containers for divers.

Year 2014

2014 was a year of exciting challenges. Six vehicles of MAN TGM type delivered to Romania, workshop trucks supplied to local power supply company in Georgia, airport vehicles for Kutaisi, handling the main tourist traffic from Poland, Eurocargo for Congo or barbed wire installing system for Kurdistan.

Year 2013

In 2013, In Katowice Special Economic Zone in Komorowice Krakowskie, district of Bielsko-Biała, the modern production plant was put into operation, designed including the best practices for production planning, environmentally and employee friendly. Katowice Economic Special Zone was founded in order to support and speed up restructuring operations as well as creating new jobs in the region. Currently 390 companies operate in the Zone, together they have invested nearly 36 bilion zlotys and created 80.000 jobs. The zone consists of 749,3570 ha of land, placed in 48 municipalities. In 2013 together with address’ and headquarter’s change the company rebranding took place through shortening its name to SZCZĘŚNIAK POJAZDY SPECJALNE SP. Z.O.O and introducing the graphic sign corresponding to letter “S” and the colour of fire-fighting services as per company key domain.

Since 2013 the characteristic sign has been visible on roller shutters of manufactured vehicles what ensured excellent recognition of the company and its products. First MAN TGM 18.240 4×2 vehicle goes to Georgia, the company mounted the Marine Crane EFFER for Municipal Transport Company in Wrocław, 8×8 to service the trams. The Military Police obtains the first batch of ambulances for forensic services and the city of Poznań receives a vehicle intended for divers.

Year 2012

The last year spent in the production plant in Wapienica district.

Year 2011

The company’s offer was expanded by IVECO EUROCARGO chassis, the first specimen is delivered to Voluntary Fire Services in Prochowice [1032] and the following eighteen vehicles go to Military Fire Services. That year production of 10 Mercedes Benz Unimog forest fire-fighting vehicles for Latvian State Forest and 14 roll off containers for Czech Fire Services is carried out.

Year 2008

The company Budowa Pojazdów Specjalnych Zbigniew Szczęśniak is being converted into limited liability company changing its name for Pojazdy Specjalistyczne Zbigniew Szczęśniak Sp. z.o.o. The change of company’s name was dictated by too strong association with the word “budowa” (construction) with the construction industry.

Year 2007

Delivery of electric cars MELEX for EDURA foundation, later on this vehicle will be manufactured in various interpretations, including its professional use by ZSP VW or “PTAK” commercial centre fire-fighting services. Fire Fighting Units in Brno are supplied with MAN TGM 15.280 4×2. First airport vehicle on Scania R480 6×6 chassis is being created and provided to Łódź airport and GAZ System company receives the subsequent batch of mobile workshop vehicles on Unimog chassis.

Year 2006

Supply of vehicles on Mercedes Benz Sprinter 516 4×2 chassis to Central Mining Rescue Station , Scania P340 4×4 based vehicles are provided to Plant’s Fire Department in Slovakia, Iveco Daily 65C18D 4×2 to Czech Republic and vehicles for chemical rescue teams to user from Belarus.

Year 2005

Supplying MB Actros 3341 6×6 for SUKURS Plant Fire-Fighting Services equipped with the first in Poland -system of compressed foam, Mercedes – Benz UNIMOG U4000 vehicle for The Fire Service College in Bydgoszcz,
the Actros 2746 6×6 heavy airport vehicle for the Army and a batch of Mitsubishi Canter – rescue and fire-fighting light vehicles for National Fire-Fighting Units.

Year 2004

Polish Armed Forces receive Honkers vehicles used for contamination detection based on our superstructure, the city of Cracow is provided with unique on national level -vehicle for high-elevation rescue teams on Unimog chassis and a typically offered vehicle is Mercedes – Benz Atego 1325 AF.

Year 1996

In 1996 the company moved to a new production hall with 4500 m2 area located in Wapienica, district of Bielsko – Biała city.
Modern facilities, equipment and technology enabled the production of larger quantity and more kinds of special vehicles. Over next years the company has expanded. It was reflected by company’s pace of development, year after year it needed more and more space in order to increase the production capacity. The company started specialising in non-standard projects which became its specialty in subsequent years. In the meantime the cabins for Lublin vehicles, high-pressure aggregates, pneumatic light towers were manufactured in order to diversify the production.

Year 1993

In 1993 first medium fire-fighting, water-foam truck was manufactured on the Star 244L chassis equipped with crew cab designed, constructed and mounted in-house.

Year 1992

In 1992, the greatest fire in the post-war history of Poland broke out in the forests near Kuźnia Raciborska. Two firefighters were killed in the fire. Nearly 2,000 participants were injured and 50 were hospitalized. 15 vehicles and many different fire-fighting equipment were destroyed. Nearly 10,000 hectares of forest were burnt. To date, the supplier of firefighting vehicles for fire brigades were state-owned companies and as a whole, the process was carried out in a model typical for a centrally controlled economy. The few specialized vehicles came from Western countries, and  private sector for supplying fire-fighting  units did not exist. This event, the fire, was not only an impulse to modernize firefighting equipment but also to establish a private enterprise of a natural person named “Construction of Special Vehicles Zbigniew Szczęśniak”.

The overriding objective of the established company became production of reliable and multi-purpose fire-fighting  products ensuring  safety of the rescuers and efficiency of rescue operations. The company tried to fill in the  existing gap in fire-fighting industry, but started its activity by gaining experience. At the beginning, the company carried out overhauls of fire -extinguishing vehicles of various manufacturers which allowed a thorough learning on their design and gather the necessary experience. Over time, these repairs became more and more comprehensive, covering more extensive part of the vehicle carried out by little crew at that time.

Szczęśniak Pojazdy specjalne