Year 2013

In 2013, In Katowice Special Economic Zone in Komorowice Krakowskie, district of Bielsko-Biała, the modern production plant was put into operation, designed including the best practices for production planning, environmentally and employee friendly. Katowice Economic Special Zone was founded in order to support and speed up restructuring operations as well as creating new jobs in the region. Currently 390 companies operate in the Zone, together they have invested nearly 36 bilion zlotys and created 80.000 jobs. The zone consists of 749,3570 ha of land, placed in 48 municipalities. In 2013 together with address’ and headquarter’s change the company rebranding took place through shortening its name to SZCZĘŚNIAK POJAZDY SPECJALNE SP. Z.O.O and introducing the graphic sign corresponding to letter “S” and the colour of fire-fighting services as per company key domain.

Since 2013 the characteristic sign has been visible on roller shutters of manufactured vehicles what ensured excellent recognition of the company and its products. First MAN TGM 18.240 4×2 vehicle goes to Georgia, the company mounted the Marine Crane EFFER for Municipal Transport Company in Wrocław, 8×8 to service the trams. The Military Police obtains the first batch of ambulances for forensic services and the city of Poznań receives a vehicle intended for divers.

Szczęśniak Pojazdy specjalne